Despite being immersed in art since infancy, finishing art school and receiving a diploma from the International Academy of Design, the notion of being a full time freelance artist is new and exhilarating for me. Doubtful in my own ideas at the time I began a career as a designer and illustrator. After a decade and a half of lending my talents to various advertising agencies, and futile attempts to express myself through other people’s projects, I decided I needed leave my own mark on the world. It began with a few items in an Etsy shop and culminated in a burgeoning collection.

My vision is that if all routine and practical things are presented as art it transforms the backdrop of everyday life. My art, by virtue, always contains a practical dimension to facilitate this vision.  The goal is to create a beautiful atmosphere that is bursting with life in any space, regardless of its size or purpose.

Through the experimentation with various mediums such as paintings, installations, lighting, sculpture, and materials from vinyl and paint to tree branches and plush toys I bring elements that normally don’t belong together into a harmony that spills out into any space that houses it.

Undoubtedly my kids are my main inspiration. I bottle up their avidity and add it as a secret ingredient to all of the pieces I create, in order to augment that aspect of life that I think most of us are deficient in. Similarly, taking inspiration from nature to instill fluidity and warmness in my work to make sure that theirs is never relinquished.